A series of events can lead to disaster

 A Series of events can lead to disaster Series of Events Electrical grid down, grand solar minimum, strange weather phenomenon, earthquakes, volcanoes, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, and much more. The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Any one of the listed events would be bad. A series of events, such as these, would beContinue reading “A series of events can lead to disaster”

Life without the grid

What would you do if the grid went down? Government (DHS) Changes Stance on Preparedness For years the government’s stance on preparedness has been to have 72 hours of food and water in case of a disaster. After the NIAC’s – Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage report published by DHS advises that the American peopleContinue reading “Life without the grid”


Disaster – Impact on Business Download our Free Report What if Disaster struck your Business? If a disaster where to strike would your business be ready? In an article by Forbes “40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster”. Of the 60% that do reopen “only 29% were still operating after two years”. The articleContinue reading “disaster-impact-on-business”


Dealing with Fear Fear Fear can cause us to do many things. It can cause us to panic. It can cause us to freeze up. It can cause us to flee. But fear can also cause us to do miraculous feats. It really depends on us. Who is in Control? When fear controls us weContinue reading “dealing-with-fear”

GL Snodgrass YouTube Channel

  GL Snodgrass YouTube Channel – Great Living Sources GL Snodgrass YouTube Channel Link Visit our YouTube channel for short, informative videos that are designed to help you be ready for any emergency or crisis. An Emergency or Crisis can happen anytime. Being prepared is fine, but being Ready is better. What does it meanContinue reading “GL Snodgrass YouTube Channel”


Morals and Integrity [Note: Morals and Integrity -This article was sent out in my newsletter this week. As the heading below states, this is not a “feel good” article. I realize that most of you reading this article are not like the characters in this article, but I am sure you know some who areContinue reading “morals-and-integrity”

Comparison Rome versus United States

Comparison between Rome and the United States This article is likely the most controversial article I have posted to date. It is also the most unnerving post I have posted. In this article I compare the fall of Rome and what I “see” happening in the United States today. I am not saying this willContinue reading “Comparison Rome versus United States”

Are you ready for a Financial Crisis?

Update Financial Crisis/Collapse Situation Almost a month ago (11 July 2018) we posted a blog article discussing the effects and ways to mitigate a Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario. Are you ready for a stock market crash? If you would like to know how you can be ready when/if a stock market crash occurs Contact Us. WeContinue reading “Are you ready for a Financial Crisis?”

Coming 1 August 2018! The World- Reset

The World – Reset will be published on the 1st of August 2018 from GL Skye Publishing! Be sure to purchase your copy of The World – Reset! Available on Amazon, Kindle, and other fine bookstores. My books can be found on my Amazon Author Page, ensure you select the book from GL Skye Publishing.Continue reading “Coming 1 August 2018! The World- Reset”

Situational Awareness and Site Selection

Situational Awareness and Site Selection Radio Interview with Guy Situational Awareness – An important part of Surviving any situation This interview is from 19 Jul 2016 Duration: 60 minutes The video is from an interview with Will Hemingway (PracticePreparedness.com). The interview was streamed live in New Jersey and recorded. These shows were not rehearsed aheadContinue reading “Situational Awareness and Site Selection”