Dealing with Fear

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Fear can cause us to do many things. It can cause us to panic. It can cause us to freeze up. It can cause us to flee. But fear can also cause us to do miraculous feats. It really depends on us.

Who is in Control?

When fear controls us we cannot think rationally. This can cause us to do things that could cause us more harm than good. We must control fear. We can harness the energy that fear gives us so that we can accomplish the tasks that need to be completed.

Confronting our Fears

In order to control fear we must confront those things we fear most. When confronting fear – be specific. What is it that you fear? For example, if you are afraid of spiders. Is it a specific type of spider? Or spiders in general? If it is a specific type acknowledge, “I am afraid of tarantulas”. What is it about the tarantula that you fear?

Once you understand what is causing the fear you can work on dealing with your fear.

Dealing with Fear

Are you saying something to yourself that causes your fear? Perhaps unconsciously? If so, perhaps you can consciously stop – and start being more positive.

Exaggerate the thing you fear

Think about the worst possible thing that could happen to you. Then have fun trying to devise the worst possible thing that could happen. When you do, you will usually find those thing are impossible.

Overcoming the control of Fear

Confronting those things that we are afraid of will help up us to overcome the fear that we have of them. This in turn will enable us to regain control over those things we fear the most.

Emergency Situation

When it comes to emergency situations we cannot allow our fear to over power us. If we do things may not turn out so well for us.

Even if we are unable to get rid of the fear we have we can control our fear and harness its energy so we can get through those frightening situations.

It is your decision to be in control, or allow fear to be in control. Personally, I choose to be in control.

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