Situational Awareness and Site Selection

Situational Awareness and Site Selection Radio Interview with Guy

Situational Awareness – An important part of Surviving any situation

This interview is from 19 Jul 2016

Duration: 60 minutes

The video is from an interview with Will Hemingway ( The interview was streamed live in New Jersey and recorded. These shows were not rehearsed ahead of time. Discussion was “off-the-cuff”. The topics (Situational Awareness, Site Selection,  and Security) covered during the show were not discussed before hand and selected by Will. Will wanted the show to flow, and be a conversation between us and not a scripted memorization game.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is the act of being cognizant of the events going on around you. Being aware of what is happening around you, and around the world, is an important part of being ready. When we are aware of what is going on around us we are less likely to be “surprised” when threatening events occur.

As we have discussed in other articles, global dependencies bind all of us together. When some threatening event occurs in one part of the world there is a rippling effect across the globe. Depending on the event (e.g. a crop failure), the effects of that event could impact us.

The key to Situational Awareness is to not get caught up in the event. We need to be observers of the event and what impacts it may have on us, but do not become “emotionally attached” (i.e. react-get mad, angry, etc.) to the event.

Site Selection is another aspect of Situational Awareness. Being retired Army I know that we are not always able to select a “perfect” site. When I was in the Army I had to be within a certain distance to the post. This often meant in my analysis for a place to live, Location was a weighted factor.

This aspect is true of most of us. However, we need to take this aspect into consideration when selecting our “perfect location”. Locations within an urban environment are more difficult to secure, and are potentially less able to raise or grow food. These are key aspects of safety for our location and those who reside there.

Contact us if you are interested in information in selecting a location or evaluating your current location. There are methods to help secure your site even if it is less than “perfect”.

Visit Will Hemingway’s sites for great information on survival and how to be ready for any calamity you may face.

We invite you to visit and read them all.

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