The key to “Survival” is “Readiness” -GL Snodgrass

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Chaos can strike at any time – Great Living Sources can empower you to Be Ready!

Why should you be Prepared (e.g. Ready)?

Chaos and calamity do not care if you are ready or not. Chaos and calamity will strike everyone; preppers, homesteaders, non-preppers, equally.

The key to an uninterrupted life is to be holistically prepared (i.e. Ready). Being ready means establishing a lifestyle that is balanced and sustainable and not dependent on external resources. We will enable you to have such a lifestyle.

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We specialize in:

Our Products and Services

Check out some of the products and services we offer to aid you in being ready to live through any situation.  

Disaster Statistics

According to FEMA’s records the 3-year average number of disasters has increased665% since 1953.* The average number of disasters from 1953-1955 was 48. The average number of disasters from 2015-2017 was 319.             

  [* – FEMA’s records only go back to 1953. No information was available prior to 1953.]  

Great Living Sources takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to calamity readiness, so you can create an uninterrupted lifestyle.

What We Do

We believe being ready means having the necessary tools and skills to live through the chaos that inevitably follows a calamity. Buying a bunch of supplies and storing them until an emergency arises will not guarantee survival. Creating a lifestyle that empowers you and reduces your dependency on external resources will.

                    “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” -Sun Tzu

When we are ready for a calamity, there need not be a battle. We have already won because we know what we need to do even before calamity strikes.

Establishing a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle leads to self-empowerment, creating a daily life less impacted by external circumstances, and full of joy, fulfillment, and abundance.

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Empowered Lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle empowers you to be ready no matter what circumstances you may encounter or not encounter. While we hope you never encounter calamity or the chaos that ensues, we are realistic. Bad things do happen. We want to reduce or eliminate the effects chaos or calamity have on your daily life by getting you ready.

          Community or Like-Minded Group

In developing a sustainable lifestyle, it may be necessary to develop a community of like-minded individuals. You may have a community group in mind or be working to form such a group. We can help you on your quest.

In his book, Return to Life – Chaos Reins, GL Skye discusses the challenges of forming a group or community where everyone works together and how to overcome the challenges of building a cohesive team – a “family”. The book is fiction, but the scenarios he describes, and the methods are realistic and applicable to day-to-day life.

Our sustainable approach centers around a holistic perception of us as human beings. As human beings we are made up of three components; a spiritual component, a mental component, and a physical component. Together these three components form a “diamond-shape”. We call this “The Core of Calm” ® The Core of Calm is that point where we are totally balanced.

What we offer

We offer everything you need to build or continue a self-reliant and sustainable life. A life that is less dependent on external resources which will empower you and allow you to control your destination.

Here is a sampling of the items we offer:

     Everything we do is centered around self-reliance and sustainability. We instruct by making learning fun.

How to start

We begin by determining your goals, evaluating where you are, and then devising the steps you will need to achieve your desired lifestyle.

The evaluation helps us determine which tools and skills you already have, and then work with you to determine which of our Readiness Plans, Site Evaluation or Site Selection Reports, and Classes would be most beneficial to you

Blog and Newsletter

We provide intriguing and helpful information on our blog and in our newsletters. Our topics cover current news items, and skills beneficial to empowering you achieve the self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle you desire. A lifestyle that will enable you to reduce your dependency on external resources and maintain better control over your life. Our blog and newsletter provides tips and advise in how to confront any form of calamity.

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Work with us

We want to empower you to develop (or continue) a lifestyle that puts you in control of your life. To establish a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle we must first remove or at least reduce our dependence on external resources.

Allow us the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your self-reliant lifestyle.

Have Questions? Frequently Asked Questions.

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If you have not considered security regarding your plans, site location, resources, etc. – you should, we do!

Your information is never disclosed to anyone other than you. Information we provide you (plans, reports, etc.) is only disclosed to you. We recommend all information be disclosed only to those who have a need to know (e.g. your family, your group, etc.). Disclosure should only be to those who will be part of your desired lifestyle quest or readiness team.

Thirty-two years working within the intelligence community has given us a very healthy appreciation regarding information security. Contact us, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

BOOK A CALL  to schedule a free 30-minute no-obligation Skype session with our experts. Our experts will consult with you and provide you with the information you need to begin or continue your journey to a self-reliant and sustainable life.

                              “Don’t depend on the enemy not coming;

                       Depend rather on being ready for him.” -Sun Tzu

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