A series of events can lead to disaster

 A Series of events can lead to disaster

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Series of Events

Electrical grid down, grand solar minimum, strange weather phenomenon, earthquakes, volcanoes, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, and much more. The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Any one of the listed events would be bad. A series of events, such as these, would be catastrophic.

In the NIAC (the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council) report (Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage)published by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) the report discusses a “catastrophic power outage”. This power outage they state could last, “beyond days and weeks to months or years, and affects large swaths of the country.”

The report states that it does not have to be a “bigger, stronger storm”. It could be a series of events such as physical or cyber attacks following a major natural disaster. The report goes on to state the focus was on the consequences of the power outage and its cascading effects, rather than the cause. Consequences such as interruption to “drinking water and wastewater, communications, financial services, transportation, fuel, healthcare, and others”.

Frog in a pot

I often wonder if the scene from Dante’s Peak is more apt than we realize. The scene I am referencing is where Harry Dalton (Pierce Bronson) is discussing the seriousness of the volcano with his team. He states, something to the effect, “If we arrived here now we would put this town on alert. We would know they were in danger.” It is another way of describing the “frog in a pot.”

It seems to me, we have been placed in the “pot” and the water is now boiling. If we were “placed in the pot” now – we would jump out. We would know we are in trouble. We would put everyone on “alert” and warn folks of the impending dangers. However, the process which has led us to the situation we are in now has been a gradual process. A process so gradual we have not felt the rise in temperature, or we have chose to ignore it. Now we find ourselves facing circumstances that endanger us, and those we care about.

Danger abounds

Although dangers abound, “…Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord you God will be with you wherever you go.” (Josh 1:9 NIV). God told Joshua to not be afraid that He (God) was with him (Joshua). The same is true for us. (Psalm 23:4). I am not here to preach, but to reassure you. We do not have to tackle these dangers alone – if we chose not to do so. (Ephesians 6)

We can maintain our higher reasoning ability if we remain balanced. The point of “balance” I call “The Core of Calm” ®

The Core of Calm is that place inside of us were we are completely balanced. The place were everything happening around us has little to no impact on us. I know what you are thinking, but please, hear me out.

Each of us is composed of three components; a spiritual component, a mental component and a physical component. Picture these three components as spheres. Now, picture the spiritual sphere on the bottom and the mental and physical spheres side-by-side, centered on top. Where the three spheres intersect a triangle, or diamond shape is created. This diamond shape is where we are completely balanced.

                  core of calm
         The Core of Calm ®

Why being balanced is important

Why is being “balanced” so important? Being balanced is important because when we are balanced we are able to use our prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the portion of our brain which enables our higher reasoning capabilities. Our higher reasoning capabilities influences a variety of complex behaviors, including our ability to plan.

When we are under stress (e.g. fear) the ability of our prefrontal cortex diminishes. Prolonged stress can completely disrupt our ability to think (plan) clearly – logically.

A close friend of mine (Eve Gonzales) responds to disasters to bring relief to those impacted by the disaster. In her book, Major Disasters: Lessons Learned, she describes drastic actions people take during a disaster with devastating results. These people wrongly assumed they would be able to come up with a plan after the crisis hit. The results were emotionally and physically devastating for the few who survived. In one instance, a father and uncle tied their family members to trees in the hopes that some would survive. Only one little girl survived. She watched and heard each family member die as the storm swept them away. This is something no one should ever have to experience. These senseless deaths could have been avoided if they would have only had a plan before the disaster hit.

I implore you, do not wait until disaster strikes to get ready. Having seen first-hand the effects of a disaster and hearing similar heart-wrenching tales from others, I know the trauma associated with a disaster. No one should have to endure that pain. Pain that could have been avoided if only they were ready.

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NIAC: Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage

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