The Battle for your soul

Deep State Attack Resources used in The Battle for Your Soul book. This web page is to provide a copy of some of the resources used while writing The Battle for Your Soul. As stated in the book The Battle for Your Soul my intent is to not tell you what you should believe orContinue reading “The Battle for your soul”

Becoming an Expert

What is an Expert An Expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” ( Learning a new skill takes time, becoming an expert takes even longer. It seems these days everyone expects to watch a YouTube video and become an expert. YouTube videos are greatContinue reading “Becoming an Expert”

One Disaster Situation – Two Outcomes

When disasters strike Disaster does not wait for you to get ready or prepared. Disaster can and does strike at any moment – usually when you are least prepared. One situation – two very different outcomes. The question is – which outcome would you rather have? The day begins beautiful. The sunrise is spectacular. TheContinue reading “One Disaster Situation – Two Outcomes”

How Many of These Skills do You Possess?

Survival Skill List & Classes Survival depends on many different factors. The resources one has available to them, their mental and physical endurance are just a few. In addition to these items, survival also depends on the skills one possesses. The list of skills below are some of the skills, we at Great Living SourcesContinue reading “How Many of These Skills do You Possess?”

Fire versus Flood: Know What to Do

Fire vs. Flood: How to be ready So, fire or flood, which of these two are the most dangerous? Which of these two is the hardest to prepare to survive? In my opinion being ready to handle these events, require similar types of planning. In this article, we will discuss the dangers associated with bothContinue reading “Fire versus Flood: Know What to Do”


GL Skye is an American author, born Guy Lee Snodgrass in Frankfort Indiana in 1961. He later moved to Kentucky were he fell in love with the beautiful landscape. His ancestors are Scots-Irish. Perhaps the reason for his ultimate love of the mountains. He joined the Army National Guard at the age of 18. AtContinue reading “GL SKYE THE AUTHOR”