One Disaster Situation – Two Outcomes

When disasters strike Disaster does not wait for you to get ready or prepared. Disaster can and does strike at any moment – usually when you are least prepared. One situation – two very different outcomes. The question is – which outcome would you rather have? The day begins beautiful. The sunrise is spectacular. TheContinue reading “One Disaster Situation – Two Outcomes”

Site Selection and Security, Readiness and Self-Reliance

This interview is from 12 Jul 2017 Duration: 36 minutes The video is from an interview with Will Hemingway ( The interview was streamed live in New Jersey and recorded. These shows were not rehearsed ahead of time. Discussion was “off-the-cuff”. The topics (Emergency Readiness Plan, Site Selection, Site Evaluation and Security) that were coveredContinue reading “Site Selection and Security, Readiness and Self-Reliance”

How do you know you will be ready when disaster strikes?

Know you will be ready when disaster strikes Disaster can strike at any time. According to FEMA’s records the 3-year average number of disasters has increased 665% since 1953. The average number of disasters from 1953-1955 was 48. The average number of disasters from 2015-2017 was 319. (FEMA records date back to 1953. No informationContinue reading “How do you know you will be ready when disaster strikes?”