How Many of These Skills do You Possess?

Survival Skill List & Classes

Survival depends on many different factors. The resources one has available to them, their mental and physical endurance are just a few. In addition to these items, survival also depends on the skills one possesses.

The list of skills below are some of the skills, we at Great Living Sources believe, will make the difference between survival or living. We want folks to not just survive, but we want them to live as well. Surviving to us is eking out an existence during a crisis, while living is enjoying life no matter what circumstance one may find themselves facing.

Use this list when (and add as necessary) to determine what skills you might need in order to successfully survive a disaster. All of these skills listed below are classes we teach at Great Living Sources.

Contact us to discuss the classes you or your group need to ensure your survival.

[Note: A minimum of 10 students is required in most cases for us to travel to your site. Contact us to discuss your situation. We will do all that we can to accommodate your requirements.]

These skills are not listed in any particular order, however, this list should be fairly comprehensive. If you can think of any more please contact us so we can update our list.


  • Camp Security
  • Sharpen an Axe
  • Sharpen a Knife
  • Cut Wood Properly
  • Make a Fire (without matches)
  • Locate and Treat Water
  • Predict the Weather
  • Find or Build a Shelter
  • Build a Fireplace in a Cabin
  • Use a Knife
  • Cook over an Open Fire
  • How to Build an Outside Stove or Oven
  • Cook on a Cook Stove or Fireplace
  • Build Furniture in the Woods
  • Control Pests, Rodents, etc.
  • Create Candles or other Light Sources
  • Find Food
  • Grow Food
  • Preserve Food
  • Raise Crops
  • Raise Livestock
  • Survive Enemies of the Mind
  • Proper First Aid
  • Proper Hygiene and its Importance
  • Proper Physical Fitness During a Crisis
  • Proper Waste and Field Sanitation
  • Washing Clothes by Hand
  • Read a Map
  • Land Navigation
  • Store Tools and Materials
  • Implement Security Protocols
  • Move Stealthy
  • Properly Camouflage from an Enemy
  • Protect from Airborne Pathogens
  • Protect from Radiation and its Fallout
  • Execute an “Engineer Recon”
  • Build a Community
  • Map Intelligence
  • Advanced Land Navigation

Additional Classes

  • Change – Are you Ready
  • Dealing with Fear
  • Emergency – Are you Ready
  • Site Selection
  • Site Evaluation
  • What does it take to thrive in a Crisis
  • Why a Readiness Plan
  • Readiness Plan Development
  • Disasters and Emergencies
  • Readiness 101
  • Readiness 202
  • How to be Ready
  • Ready versus Prepared


  • Shelter Building Workshop


This list contains items that may not be considered a skill per se, but each of these classes offers information and knowledge that will ensure the survival of you and those you care about. Remember survival does not only include having a bunch of “stuff“. Without a plan and the mental and physical toughness to withstand the rigors of a disaster all of the survival gear in the world will not ensure your survival. Our holistic approach to survival covers more than having a bunch of gear and guns and food stored up some place. We consider the person as a whole and ensure they have the knowledge necessary to survive – no matter what crisis they might encounter.

Give us the opportunity to show you contact us and let’s start a journey!

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