Becoming an Expert

What is an Expert

An Expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” (

Learning a new skill takes time, becoming an expert takes even longer. It seems these days everyone expects to watch a YouTube video and become an expert. YouTube videos are great ways to learn (knowledge), but they cannot give you the experience you need to become an expert.

Expertise comes from hands-on execution and years of practice. I realize no one wants to hear this, but a false sense of ability can lead to more devastation for you and those you care about and care about you.

During the planning phase of Emergency Planning you need to evaluate the skills necessary to survive during the emergency being planned. After identifying those skills necessary to survive these skills need to be prioritized. Those skills that are crucial to survival need to be at the top.

These are the skills you will want to become an “expert” to ensure your survival as well as the survival of those you care about. To become an expert with various skills requires training and experience. It means focusing on these skills. If you are part of a group, others should select other skills to become an expert.

Cross training in the other skills should also take place. Event though becoming an expert is difficult, everyone should at least be adequately capable of doing each of the skills an emergency situation requires.

There are not any short-cuts to becoming an expert, however, with the proper training and practice – becoming an expert is possible.

Take the time now to learn and practice the skills necessary to survive the disaster. If you do not – you cannot expect these skills will “magically” appear and there is no one to blame except yourself.

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