Are you ready for a Financial Crisis?

Update Financial Crisis/Collapse Situation Almost a month ago (11 July 2018) we posted a blog article discussing the effects and ways to mitigate a Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario. Are you ready for a stock market crash? If you would like to know how you can be ready when/if a stock market crash occurs Contact Us. WeContinue reading “Are you ready for a Financial Crisis?”

What will you do when the power goes out?

When the power goes out will you survive? How vulnerable is our power grid to hackers? How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dangers associated with a power outage? A news video from MSNBC was posted yesterday (7 August 2018) regarding an attack on our power grid by Russia. Russia isContinue reading “What will you do when the power goes out?”

Homeless Veteran Women

Homeless Veteran Women are less likely to seek help than other homeless veterans! Homeless veteran women deserve our help Homeless veteran women are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless veteran population ( – 28 Mar 18 – Jim Absher – During my 25 years of service, I had the honor to serve with manyContinue reading “Homeless Veteran Women”

Homeless Veterans Deserve Better

Homeless Veterans – Deserve Better Please,  Help us get our homeless Veteran Men and Women off the street The military and our government have changed since I first enlisted in the Army. When I first enlisted we used to take care of our own. When a fellow service member was hurt or in trouble, weContinue reading “Homeless Veterans Deserve Better”

Coming 1 August 2018! The World- Reset

The World – Reset will be published on the 1st of August 2018 from GL Skye Publishing! Be sure to purchase your copy of The World – Reset! Available on Amazon, Kindle, and other fine bookstores. My books can be found on my Amazon Author Page, ensure you select the book from GL Skye Publishing.Continue reading “Coming 1 August 2018! The World- Reset”

Staying Balanced – The key to a healthier life

Change: Are you Ready? In our “Change: Are you Ready?” class we discuss the importance of staying balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the techniques we discuss is spending time in the outdoors – (my choice specifically) – is the woods. The calm and peace that comes to you when you spend quiet timeContinue reading “Staying Balanced – The key to a healthier life”

Embracing Change and Geospatial Intel-Radio Interview

Embrace Change and Geospatial Intelligence-Radio Interview with GL Snodgrass Embracing Change and Geospatial Intelligence Radio Interview with Will Hemingway This interview is from 27 November 2017 Duration: 60 minutes The video is from an interview with Will Hemingway ( The interview was streamed live in New Jersey and recorded. Discussed in the interview was whyContinue reading “Embracing Change and Geospatial Intel-Radio Interview”

Josh Interviews GL Skye on How Terrain Informs Your Bugout Location

Great Living Sources interviewed by Josh, The Off-Grid Homesteading Pastor. The interview takes place at “A Time With Experts” conference in Waycross, Georgia. In it Josh and Guy discuss  several topics that were discussed at the conference. They also discuss some of Guy’s background, and how the terrain can have an impact on actions orContinue reading “Josh Interviews GL Skye on How Terrain Informs Your Bugout Location”

Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario

Financial Collapse will impact your lifestyle Knowing how to be self-reliant and sustainable empowers us to reduce our dependency on the economy and its idiosyncrasies. This in turn can increase our ability to continue living normally, even when chaos surrounds us. When the economy fails, our resource lifeline is severed. Financial experts do not oftenContinue reading “Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario”

How do you know you will be ready when disaster strikes?

Know you will be ready when disaster strikes Disaster can strike at any time. According to FEMA’s records the 3-year average number of disasters has increased 665% since 1953. The average number of disasters from 1953-1955 was 48. The average number of disasters from 2015-2017 was 319. (FEMA records date back to 1953. No informationContinue reading “How do you know you will be ready when disaster strikes?”