Homeless Veteran Women

Homeless Veteran Women are less likely to seek help than other homeless veterans! Homeless veteran women deserve our help Homeless veteran women are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless veteran population (https://www.military.com/militaryadvantage/2018/03/28/female-veterans-are-fastest-growing-segment-homeless-veterans.html – 28 Mar 18 – Jim Absher – Military.com). During my 25 years of service, I had the honor to serve with manyContinue reading “Homeless Veteran Women”

Homeless Veterans Deserve Better

Homeless Veterans – Deserve Better Please,  Help us get our homeless Veteran Men and Women off the street The military and our government have changed since I first enlisted in the Army. When I first enlisted we used to take care of our own. When a fellow service member was hurt or in trouble, weContinue reading “Homeless Veterans Deserve Better”