What will you do when the power goes out?

When the power goes out will you survive?

How vulnerable is our power grid to hackers?

How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dangers associated with a power outage?

A news video from MSNBC was posted yesterday (7 August 2018) regarding an attack on our power grid by Russia. Russia is not the only ones suspected of attacking power grids. Whether our grid is attacked by Russia or some other hackers, the fact remains we are vulnerable to those who do not have our best interest in mind.

In our blog Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario we briefly discussed the impacts and the dependency we as Americans have to electricity. Almost everything we do involves power. From life saving dialysis, to our entertainment,  to washing our clothes – everything is dependent on electrical power.

What will you do if the power goes out? What will you do if the power goes out for an extended period of time? Back-up generators can fill a gap during a power outage, but what if that outage lasts weeks, or even months? A back-up generator will only run until it is out of fuel. Without power you will likely not be able to obtain more fuel. Gas pumps will not operate without power.

World wide high temperatures have occurred of late. Without power air conditioners and fans will not operate. There are life-threatening conditions associated with heat. Heat stroke can kill. Without the ability to keep cool or learning methods to stay safe during a heat wave, the loss of power can be deadly.

Understanding the risks and how to mitigate these risks is crucial to your welfare. Finding alternatives for power is one way of mitigating these risks. Learning skills that will enable you to continue living without power is another.

With the right set of skills you can ensure you and those you care about are safe and protected when the power goes out. The time to learn those skills is before the power goes out.

Ensure you and those you care about are safe and have the skills necessary to survive and live!

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