Staying Balanced – The key to a healthier life

Forest Therapy: How Spending Time In The Woods Can Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

Change: Are you Ready?

In our “Change: Are you Ready?” class we discuss the importance of staying balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the techniques we discuss is spending time in the outdoors – (my choice specifically) – is the woods.

The calm and peace that comes to you when you spend quiet time out in the wonders of nature that we have been blessed with cannot be duplicated by any “pill” or “potion”. It only comes from quiet reflection. The woods has a majestical quality all its own.

Feeling the cool breeze on your skin, smelling the musty scent of the wood, tasting the fragrance of the wild flowers, touching the earth with your bare feet, and hearing the birds as they sing their beautiful songs can never be duplicated.

Modern medicine has its uses, but to be truly one with the creating that has been given to us, we must first learn to stop, listen, feel, taste and see the wonders that we have. In my opinion, we must learn to appreciate the gifts we have been given if we want to be balanced when the chaos that life throws at us.

In truth, we have been given all we need to be balanced and ready. We just have to use those gifts wisely and enjoy them. The beauty of nature can never truly be duplicated by artificial means. However, we must take care of and respect those gifts and make time to enjoy them. They will not come knocking on the door saying, “Hey, its time for daily walk in the forest.”

However, it is always there waiting for us like that wonderful friend that is always there for you when you are in need of strength and encouragement.

Let us make time to “recharge” our spirit, our mind, and our body by spending some quiet time enjoying the wonders of our world. I promise if you do the tensions of life will melt away. My hope is you will get back in tune with what we have been blessed with. If you want a friend to go with you – let me know – I will go with you.


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