Josh Interviews GL Skye on How Terrain Informs Your Bugout Location

Great Living Sources interviewed by Josh, The Off-Grid Homesteading Pastor.

The interview takes place at “A Time With Experts” conference in Waycross, Georgia. In it Josh and Guy discuss  several topics that were discussed at the conference. They also discuss some of Guy’s background, and how the terrain can have an impact on actions or activities.

Readiness is a state of mind. It includes having the right tools and skills, even more so than storing a lot of stuff. Being ready means evaluating where you live, how you live, and what you want to accomplish.

It is good to have backups and emergency items, but it is just as important to have a positive outlook, and being able to handle change.

The best place to start is by having a plan. Every business starts out with a business plan. Most folks have an insurance policy. Having a plan is a bit of both.

It provides you and those you care about a plan so you will know what tools and skills you will need to handle everything from daily living to a serious calamity. As well as a bit of insurance that you have those tools and skills and the resources you will need to live through any type of calamity.

When it comes to your safety and the safety of those you care about you do not want to “guess” things will go as you want. You can know that you can get to where  you want to go.

Josh talks about using some of the items he picked up at the conference to help locate his own piece of property

You can learn more about Josh and view his other videos at The Off-Grid Pastor YouTube Channel. You can check out his Facebook page. Follow Josh as he continues his journey to independent living.

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The video is about 6 minutes in length.

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