Josh Interviews GL Skye on How Terrain Informs Your Bugout Location

Great Living Sources interviewed by Josh, The Off-Grid Homesteading Pastor. The interview takes place at “A Time With Experts” conference in Waycross, Georgia. In it Josh and Guy discuss  several topics that were discussed at the conference. They also discuss some of Guy’s background, and how the terrain can have an impact on actions orContinue reading “Josh Interviews GL Skye on How Terrain Informs Your Bugout Location”

Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario

Financial Collapse will impact your lifestyle Knowing how to be self-reliant and sustainable empowers us to reduce our dependency on the economy and its idiosyncrasies. This in turn can increase our ability to continue living normally, even when chaos surrounds us. When the economy fails, our resource lifeline is severed. Financial experts do not oftenContinue reading “Financial Crisis/Collapse Scenario”

How do you know you will be ready when disaster strikes?

Know you will be ready when disaster strikes Disaster can strike at any time. According to FEMA’s records the 3-year average number of disasters has increased 665% since 1953. The average number of disasters from 1953-1955 was 48. The average number of disasters from 2015-2017 was 319. (FEMA records date back to 1953. No informationContinue reading “How do you know you will be ready when disaster strikes?”

How Many of These Skills do You Possess?

Survival Skill List & Classes Survival depends on many different factors. The resources one has available to them, their mental and physical endurance are just a few. In addition to these items, survival also depends on the skills one possesses. The list of skills below are some of the skills, we at Great Living SourcesContinue reading “How Many of These Skills do You Possess?”

Tornado Preparedness: Be Ready

Tornado Preparedness: Know what to do before one occurs Most emergencies are not catastrophic, world-ending scenarios. According to List Dose (, Wind events (“Wind Storms-26.28%”) are the second most common natural disaster. This category includes hurricanes, and typhoons, which will be future topics. Today we are going to discuss “Tornado Preparedness”, and how to planContinue reading “Tornado Preparedness: Be Ready”


Dealing with change can be a challenge. Before we discuss how to deal with change we need to define what is change. The Oxford online dictionary defines change as something to “make or become different”. I define change “as an event, or series of events that has the potential to cause one to do somethingContinue reading “DEALING WITH CHANGE”

Fire versus Flood: Know What to Do

Fire vs. Flood: How to be ready So, fire or flood, which of these two are the most dangerous? Which of these two is the hardest to prepare to survive? In my opinion being ready to handle these events, require similar types of planning. In this article, we will discuss the dangers associated with bothContinue reading “Fire versus Flood: Know What to Do”


GL Skye is an American author, born Guy Lee Snodgrass in Frankfort Indiana in 1961. He later moved to Kentucky were he fell in love with the beautiful landscape. His ancestors are Scots-Irish. Perhaps the reason for his ultimate love of the mountains. He joined the Army National Guard at the age of 18. AtContinue reading “GL SKYE THE AUTHOR”

San Andreas Fault Primed to Explode: Fact or Fiction?

Those living in California are hardly unfamiliar with the earth’s shaking. According to the USGS, Southern California has about ten-thousand earthquakes each year. I would venture a guess that most Californians’ hardly pay any attention to any of them. This can often lead to the “Boy who cried wolf” scenario. Where we become so complacent that whenContinue reading “San Andreas Fault Primed to Explode: Fact or Fiction?”