Site Selection and Security, Readiness and Self-Reliance

 Readiness & Site Selection

This interview is from 12 Jul 2017

Duration: 36 minutes

The video is from an interview with Will Hemingway ( The interview was streamed live in New Jersey and recorded. These shows were not rehearsed ahead of time. Discussion was “off-the-cuff”. The topics (Emergency Readiness Plan, Site Selection, Site Evaluation and Security) that were covered during the show were not discussed before hand and selected by Will. Will wanted the show to flow, and be a conversation between us and not a scripted memorization game.

Will Hemingway and I think a lot alike. We have the same basic philosophy with regards to being ready and planning ahead for trouble. (In know, the shows goes against our philosophy but it makes for a show that is conversational verse rehearsed.)

Due to technical challenges with the radio station’s telephone system we were unable to connect until about half-way through the show. This post is a segment of the show after Will and I were able to get connected. The whole show will be posted later as Will provided a lot of good information during the first half of the show.

In our last show Will and I discussed “Embracing Change“. This show was a classic example of how we all have to deal with change. We never know what will happen, or when.

The next show that will be posted we kind of picked up where we left off in this show.

Discussed in the interview was Emergency Readiness Plans and its importance to being totally ready for any event we may face. Without a business plan a business could not guarantee it will be successful. Without an Emergency Readiness Plan you cannot guarantee you will be successful – the difference is – if a business is not successful it goes out of business, if you are unsuccessful you or some one you love could lose their life.

Discussed in the interview was Site Selection and Site Evaluation. To have a complete understanding of where you stand and how external factors could impact you or those you love, you need to know what potential dangers are near you. We also discussed the importance of doing a route analysis if you have to bug out.

There are some situations where you will want to “bug in”, but there are also situations where the better part of valor is to clear out of the area (e.g. Floods or Wildfires). Knowing what routes are likely to be open still and accessible is a critical factor in arriving at your designation safely. Knowing what threats you may encounter along the route is also an important consideration.

If you are interested in more information about how to deal with change contact us. We can schedule a lecture or seminar for you. The only thing certain in this world is Change. It is best to be ready and know how to deal with it.

In the Geospatial Intelligence segment we discussed the importance of knowing your surroundings and discussed some options to help you be better aware of your surroundings. There are several geospatial tools available that are free to help you plan. If you are interested in learning more about the tools available and how to use them you can contact us we will be glad to help you.

Visit Will Hemingway’s sites for great information on survival and how to be ready for any calamity you may face.

We invite you to visit and read them all.

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