Your Online Security

Censorship and online Security

This post is to provide information to assist you in protecting you while online. We all discuss physical and personal security, but we sometimes ignore or leave our online security “hanging” in the wind.

The main stream media and alternative media news agencies are constantly discussing the increase in online censorship and being tracked online. Every day there is more and more news being censored, or down right misrepresented (to put it nicely). Many folks are now getting their news from alternative media sources via YouTube (YT).

As of 10 Dec 2019 YT will be removing or blocking accounts which are not “commercially viable”. Most folks believes this is only YT accounts of those who are posting content, however, this could include individual user accounts as well. Here is a link to the article from the Washington Examiner posted 21 November 2019 “YouTube changes terms of service…” A PDF version of the article can be downloaded by clicking the “Download” button below.

Whether accounts will or will not be deleted is secondary to the shadow banning that most YTers are experiencing. My channel is not “commercially viable”, however I still want the opportunity to be able to post information that I believe is relevant and useful. Therefore, I am moving my YT channel to (My new channel can be found here).

Online Security “Tools”

There are probably other tools, but these are the ones that I have found to work well. These are the tools I use. None of these items track your online presence.

Internet Browser

Brave is a internet browser. It comes with many of the typical “search engines”, but I strongly recommend you use the “DuckDuckGo” search engine as it does not track your online presence. This link is the only item that provides me any type of “payment” You can use it or go to and download it straight from their site. Whichever download you use, you will want to change the search engine to DuckDuckGo.


Protonmail is an email service which provides either a free or a paid option. Protonmail encrypts the each email that is sent preventing anyone from accessing the email. Emails between Protonmail accounts cannot be viewed. Email sent to an outside email account can be read by the recipient, however, if they are intercepted before reaching the recipient the encryption prevents it from being read. You can access the protonmail site by .


Brighteon is a YT like website that does not censor or track your online presence. I have only recently started checking out the content on Brighteon, but I have seen several YTers have content on there already. The link is located at .


For your physical and emotional security check out my books. Whatever you decide ensure to protect yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and online.

Return to Life (Fiction:action/adventure/post-apocalyptic)
Texas Border Trouble (Fiction:action/adventure/military)
The World-Reset (Epic-Fiction:action/adventure)
A Night in the Woods (Fiction:action/adventure/survival)
The Self-Reliant Survival Book (Non-Fiction:survival/prepping)

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