What is happening in America?

A YT video by Glenn Beck “The Democrats’ Hydra”

If you want to know what is happening in America and/or how we arrived at this point in our history this is a must watch video. Glenn Beck walks step-by-step for our historical past to the present. He shows how we arrived at where we are and those involved in getting us here and how they did so.

The Democrats’ Hydra” by Glenn Beck

In order to retain our Republic we, true Americans, need to wake up. If not, we will fail. The choice is ours. Either we wake up and change the direction our country is going, or we do nothing. If we do nothing then no one will have the right to complain. When we had a chance to do something we decided, collectively, to do nothing.

I pray everyone will wake up and take responsibility and get rid of the “Deep State” in our country and make it the Republic it was intended to be.

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