Magnetic Pole shift

Earth’s Magnetic Pole Shift

History of Earth’s Magnetic Pole Shift

Geological history indicates that over the last 83 million years the geomagnetic poles have shifted 183 times. The last shift may have happened extremely quickly about 780,000 years ago. Some scientists used to believe that these events happened gradually over time. Recent evidence indicates this is not always true, and is likely not true this time.

Records indicate that there is a cycle regarding the pole shift and is usually about 200,000 to 300,000 years. A partial shift supposedly occurred about 40,000 years ago. The pole’s shifting is scientifically and geologically factual. This is not a “conspiracy theory” – it is a fact.

So what? What does this have to do with you?

The Earth’s magnetic field is a primary layer of protection for those of us on the surface of the planet. The magnetic field surrounding the Earth protects us from the effects of the Sun’s radiation, including CME’s (Coronal mass ejections).

In 1859 a CME, known as the Carrington Event, generated one of the largest geomagnetical storms ever recorded. This storm was so intense that it burned out the telegraph system. Telegraph machines were operating even when they were unplugged.

There was another event that “just missed” Earth in 2012. An event at the level of the Carrington Event today would completely destroy the Earth’s power grid. If such an event were to occur today would render our power grid for years. It is quite possible the grid would not return to “normal” within our lifetime.

As the poles shift the intensity of the geomagnetic field will weaken. There are projections that the field will drop down to about 5% of its current intensity. This means the ability of the geomagnetic field to protect the Earth from CME’s will be greatly diminished.

When the fields flip the rotation of the Earth will be impacted. The Earth’s rotation can slow or even reverse. Along the equator is a bulge of  about 26.58 miles. Should the Earth slows the centrifugal force holding this bulge of water in place will diminish allowing the waters there to flow toward the poles. Additionally, the tectonic plates would continue to move even after the Earth has slowed.

Bottom line: The magnetic field is diminishing and should the poles shift life on planet Earth will be forever changed.

What should/can you do to protect yourself?

Prepare to be self-sustaining and self-reliant. Should the power grid be destroyed by a CME (or other “EMP-like” event) it is doubtful that it will be restored to its present configuration in our lifetime. This means we will have to learn to live without electronics or only limited and basic electronics.

This means there will be no more electric appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers, dryers, etc.). While we won’t necessarily be set back to the “stone-age” we will be set back to a time similar to the early 1800’s.

Life in those days was challenging, but enjoyable. For the most part, people grew and raised their own food, or “purchased” (often bartered) from those that did. There was not such thing as “organic”, all of the food back then was “organic”. As a kid we almost always had a garden. Our term for “organic” was “home grown”.

Folks back then (for the most part) made their own clothes or again “purchased” (bartered) for them. The same was true for tools, implements, and pretty much everything else one would need to live. So, what can you do?

Learn to grow and raise your own food. Learn how to make and mend your clothes, tools, cookware, utensils and anything else you would need to live.

A wise decision may be to gather a group of like-minded folks. This group of folks should be able to collectively do the tasks that are necessary for life on a pioneer farm. Additionally, there may be several groups working together, but not necessarily living within the same “compound”.

At the end of the day what matters is how determined you will be to live during these times. You can either learn and live or not.


Most sources infer there will be significant consequences that will occur when the poles flip. Not the least of which is the destruction of the power grid.

At least a couple of sources (National Geographic and NASA) infers there is nothing to worry about. When the poles shift if you were holding a compass and facing north, the compass would suddenly flip around and north would be behind you. Evidence found during the research for this article does not agree with this assessment, however, links to some of the research materials used for this article are listed below. Research for yourself and come to your own conclusion.


[Author Note: I do not concur with the conclusions posted by NASA or the National Geographic. There is clear evidence that what they state in their articles is at best, misrepresented, at worse, a complete fabrication. As I stated in the Conclusion section, you should do your own research and come to your own conclusion.]

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National Geographic’s article on magnetic pole shift

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