Who we are

We are a disabled veteran-owned company with over 50 years of living in harmony with nature. Nature has taught us that being ready for anything is absolutely imperative to life.

We have served as Disaster Relief Chairman in Germany with the American Red Cross.

  • We have responded to many natural disasters including Hurricanes Hugo and Fran.
  • We have responded to numerous tornadoes including the F4 tornado that virtually destroyed Monticello, Indiana.
  • We have responded to devastating floods.
  • We have responded to wild fires.
  • We have helped plan the recovery of countries after combat operations.
  • And many more disasters.

Being ready is not something we do it is something we are. We want to enable you to be ready no matter what event may come your way.

We believe living a holistically balanced life will enable us to overcome any obstacle we may face. We believe this is accomplished by instilling calmness and control in our lives. We can pass this technique on to you.   [Clink Link for more information about GL Snodgrass]

                         “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” -Sun Tzu

Dedicated to helping you establish a sustainable lifestyle

Great Living Sources is dedicated to helping you establish a sustainable, self-reliant day-to-day lifestyle. Calamity can strike us at any time whether we are ready or not. When calamity strikes, chaos ensues.

The best way to be ready for any type of calamity is to develop a lifestyle that is balanced – a lifestyle where you are in control. A lifestyle that reduces or eliminates your dependency on external resources. As long as you are dependent on external resources (government, stores, farmers, etc.) you can never be truly independent.

We hope that nothing will ever happen to you, but the world we live in is rapidly changing. The number of disasters, and the intensity of those disasters continue to increase. Global and cyber dependencies make us more vulnerable than ever.

Learning to be self-reliant is the foundation to ensuring you and those you care about can live through the chaos that threatens to overwhelm our humanity.

Peace of Mind

We provide peace of mind by providing the tools and skills you need to be ready for any situation. Whether it is a natural disaster, financial crisis, or a flat tire on the way home from work. Our methods will help you to remain balanced and able to deal with any situation.

Being Ready

Being ready (aka prepared) is more than buying a bunch of supplies and storing them in a glass case that reads, “Break glass in case of an Emergency.” Being ready means being spiritually, mentally and physically prepared to do what you must in order to live through a calamity.

Having a mass amount of supplies stored does not guarantee survival. Not having a mass amount of supplies stored does not mean you will not survive. What does matter is being spiritually, mentally and  physically ready for any type of emergency. Being spiritually, mentally and  physically ready will greatly increases the odds of survival.

Our motto in life is The Core of Calm. This philosophy has helped us adapt to change constantly throughout our life. Whether it’s been  challenges at home or during a battle. This means being spiritually, mentally and  physically connected when going through any change; catastrophic or not.

Core of Calm (R)

What is the Core of Calm? Good question. The Core of Clam is our base philosophy. As human beings we are each comprised of three components; a spiritual component, a mental component, and a physical component. Picture these three components as spheres with the spiritual sphere on the bottom, and the mental and physical components centered on top.

core of calm

Where these three components intersect a diamond-shape is formed. We call this diamond-shape the Core of Calm. That is the place where you are totally balanced. It is here you are not too spiritual, emotional or physical. Everything is complete and in balance.

When we are in balance we are able to use our prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the portion of our brain that controls higher, rational thinking. When we are under stress or in fear the prefrontal cortex shuts down. This causes our baser (lower rational) portion of our brain to activate. The base portion of our brain only has two options; fight or flight (some say a third – freeze). None of these are good options during a calamity situation.

The tools, skills and techniques we teach will help you to stay in a condition where you can use your prefrontal cortex. This will enable you to deal with whatever situation you might encounter. When we are able to access our prefrontal cortex it does not matter what the situation is, we will be able to deal with the situation and execute a sound and rational decision.

WHY should YOU work with me? As a 25 year veteran and a lifelong country boy, I have acquired and retained some of the most complex survival training in the world.

My training gives me a unique perspective and insight. allowing me to give you the most detailed and useful training coupled with a plan based on your area, probable scenario and skill set; to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

My desire is to teach a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle which leads to Self-Empowerment, creating a daily life that is full of joy, fulfilling, and abundance.

It begins with The Core of Calm (R)

HOW we can help? Because we approach survival readiness with a holistic approach (The Core of Calm®), you can expect that what we are teaching is how to develop the whole person. These techniques can be applied to “every day life” situations, not only catastrophes.

We not only prepare you for calamities, we enable you to continue to live uninterrupted while eliminating the fear-factor in readiness planning.

Developing a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle is the only way to have an uninterrupted life. This is our promise and guarantee. We have fifty years of survival experience in helping people thrive in extreme circumstances. 

WHAT does this mean for you? Because we approach the process from a holistic perspective, we break-up the process to its most basic principles, so that it’s manageable and easy to formulate.

In the end, you will have a foundation built on the most basic skills. You will acquire the most basic skills to being prepared so that you are ready for whatever disaster you may face.

Built on a solid foundation, you will receive additional skills, what we consider intermediate skills. These skills take you beyond just basic survival. These skills enable you to find food, build shelters and furniture, set up security, and other life-preserving skills.

Our list of expert skills take you to the extreme side of a disaster. These skills get you through extreme situations.

Our training program is to designed around you and your needs so you will be as prepared as you need to be based on your personal circumstances and needs. More importantly, you will be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually connected to your survival plan to ensure you and yours thrive under any circumstance.


Click here to see how we can work together to enable you to empower yourself to develop a lifestyle that is sustainable and self-reliant. We want to help you become less dependent on external resources and more reliant on you. Let us start our journey to independence together. Contact us now If you are interested, here are some of the Products and Services we offer to enable you and those you care about stay safe no matter what event you may face.

Products and Services

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