Power and Wonder of Books


Wonder of Books

Have you ever sat and pondered the power and majesty of books and the wonder they hold? I have, many times. Books possess many talents – many wonders. A book is a time machine; it can turn back the hands of time, or propel us to a distant future. Books allow us to walk with ancient heroes, or along ancient city streets. Books open the doors to mysterious and exciting places. Places we otherwise might never see.

Power of Books

Books teach us to become better people, friends and neighbors. Books aid us in our daily jobs and lives. Books help provide us with food, clothing and shelter. Books entertain us. Books bring us closer to each other and our Creator.

Adventure of Books

Books take our hand and lead us on glorious adventures. Books are our friends and our advisors. Books lead us to places we have never been. Books return us to places we have been, even if only for a brief time.

Love of Books

Books are always waiting for us to pick them up and travel with them to far off places, and times.  Books are forever friends. Books are faithful. Books are wonder companions. Books are full of inspiration. Books are powerful.

No greater gift exists than the gift of a book. The places it may take you or the knowledge it can impart on you are the greatest gift we can ever know. Life without books would be no life at all…only an existence.

If I had one wish I could make and knew it would come true, I would wish that everyone received the thirst for books. Imagine the strife and troubles we could avoid if everyone would slow down and enjoy the love of a good book…or three. J

Take some time out of your busy schedule today, curl up with a good book and begin a new adventure today.


GL Skye

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