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Why have a written plan?

The world is in chaos

The world is in chaos. Evidence of this can be found if you watch any amount of news. Riots raging in the United States and Europe. Immigrant invasion along the United States border. Climate changes across the globe. Earth’s magnetic poles shift. The list goes on and on. The reason for all of this is still being debated, but is less important than the fact that these events are occurring.

Have these events occurred before?

Have these events occurred before? Are they new? No, probably not although they do seem to be increasing in the number of occurrences and locations and with more intensity. However, this does not alter the fact that we need to be ready when something happens. It is not wise to depend on someone else to help us out, especially the government, when calamity strikes.

We need to be ready

Okay, we need to be ready, but why should we have a written plan? Typically, we only remember a portion of what we see or hear. Coupled with the stress and anxiety associated with a crisis and the odds of remembering a complex plan diminishes greatly.

The end goal of each of us is to protect those we care about from harm. To achieve this goal will often entail a fairly complex plan, depending on the event.

Being ready is more than “stuff”

Being ready – or prepared – is more than just buying and storing a bunch of stuff. Having a month, six months or even a year’s worth of supplies is good if the supplies last longer than the event. However, what do we do if the event lasts longer than our supplies? What if something happens and we have to leave the shelter where all of our supplies are stored? What skills will be needed to survive when our supplies are limited or do not exist?

This is where having a logical and well thought out plan will enable us to endure and eventually even thrive. A plan is a written document, a “plan” in your mind is an idea.

Share the knowledge

Another benefit of having a written plan allows us to share the knowledge. A written plan allows those around us, family, friends, trusted group members to know what actions need to be taken and when.

If only one person knows “the plan” and something happens to that person, the rest of the family/group may not know what to do. If we have a written plan we can ensure each aspect is covered and everyone knows what action or actions need to be accomplished.


A plan should be rehearsed periodically. I recommend at least 2 – 3 times a year – more is better.

Rehearsals builds muscle memory so you will automatically do what needs to be done even when chaos is raging around you. Additionally, a rehearsal helps identify potential problems that may occur during an actual event. Solutions to these issues can than be identified and rolled into the plan. With a written plan these “fixes” can be easily added.

What should a written Emergency Readiness Plan include?

An Emergency Readiness Plan should include:

  • Event (what event does the plan cover)
  • Trigger (what causes the activation of the plan)
  • Facts
    • Facts about the location(s) where you will be seeking shelter
  • Resources
    • What resources will be needed for the event(s)
      • Include Supplies, Skills, Tools, Weapons, etc
    • What resources you have on hand
    • What resources are still needed
      • Compare resources on hand to those that will be needed. Those resources not on hand are listed here
    • Prioritize list of resources still needed and acquire are you are able
  • Household Information/Contact Information
    • This should include insurance information, mortgage information, etc.

[Note: A copy of this document can be downloaded below.]

Please make a plan

With all that is going on in the world the odds of experiencing a catastrophic calamity is greatly increased. Having a plan allows you to logically and methodically think through a situation and create a well thought out method of handling the situation.

Download Why have a written plan report.

Download Household/Contact Information Word document.

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Need help with your plan?

Contact us if you need help or advise in creating your plan. We specialize in creating Emergency Readiness Plans tailored specifically to your needs and situation.

Whether you get help from us or someone else, please – put together a written Emergency Readiness Plan! When disaster strikes you are likely not going to be in the best frame of mind to rationally “plan”. The time to do that is now!