The World-Reset

The World-Reset by GL Skye

GL Skye Publishing

The World-Reset

Author: GL Skye

Publisher: GL Skye Publishing

The World-Reset is a story that starts as the “old world” is ending, and a “new world” begins.

The New World is full of magic and wonder, but not all magic works for good. An unspeakable evil seeks to devour all that is good in the world.

The sister of an old friend has asked Sagus “Sage” Mariner, a Guardian turned farmer, to help stop a fiendish plot. The plot runs deeper than they know. They soon learn that other forces are at work. Forces who are hellbent on destroying the world.

Humanity is recovering from the catastrophic event that occurred – the shifting of the magnetic poles. An event, historians say has happened many times before, but not in the memory of any alive now.

Old borders are gone as if they never were. New borders have been established. The “Old World Powers” have crumpled, and new alliances are reforged.

The Guardians are a group of people chosen to help humanity recover from the ashes of the “Old World” for centuries. Information has been stolen by a traitor. If the traitor reaches his destination war will once again run rampant. What they do not know; something much more sinister lies in wait. Something that will threaten the world, and all they hold dear.

The year is 2215. It has been over 200 years since the Earth was “reset.” After the Earth’s magnetic poles shifted, the earth returned to a Pangea state, and the continents are once more, almost a single landmass. The Earth’s tilt is at 12°. There is no more ice at the poles, and the entire landmass receives almost equal amounts of sunlight. The tilt has also increased severe weather, since the oceans have become warmer. Life on Earth is as changed as the weather. The world has reverted back to the kingdoms of yore.

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