Site Evaluation Report

Site Evaluation Report Packagesite evaluation report

A Site Evaluation Report is an evaluation in a scientific,  logical, and unbiased manner that analyzes various sites to meet your requirements.

The Site Evaluation evaluates a piece of property you already own based on specific criteria provided by you.

These characteristics include geography, weather, population, economy, soil, slope, vegetation, rock type, drainage, roads, and more.


A Site Evaluation Report can be used to evaluate any location for (typically done to recommend possible improvements – especially security:

  • Business Location(s)
  • Homestead Site
  • Bug-Out Site
  • Any geographical location necessary to you

What the package includes:

  • 2 x 1-hour Skype sessions (in person if possible)
  • Comprehensive analysis of 1 site [Additional sites can be analyzed at additional cost.]
  • Maps and Imagery of each site
  • Image maps showing where possible improvements should be emplaced
  • Site Report – The Site Report includes:
    • Facts about the site [Facts are geographical, social, and utilities of each site.]
    • Assessment spreadsheet of all factors (facts) scaled and tallied (e.g. If a key factor is water, then water would be assigned a weight and applied to the total tally of the site.)
    • Recommendations for the site and why
    • Executive Summary Letter

Reasons to have a Site Evaluation Report

A Site Evaluation Report allows you to review your site without any bias. In most cases, a Site Evaluation Report gives you a better understand of the site than actually standing on the ground. This can save time and money when looking to make improvements to your property. Typically a Site Evaluation Report is done in order to assess vulnerabilities to you or your property.

Often a property is purchased based on emotion, like, or other criteria. Sometimes a property is purchased before you think about security, safety, or “prepping” in general. This can lead to purchasing a piece of property that may not exactly fit what you are looking to do with the property. A Site Evaluation Report can identify any possible discrepancies and make recommendations that can enable the property to support what you desire it to do.

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