Readiness is a state of mind. Contact Great Living Sources to get answers to all of your self-reliant, sustainable lifestyle and emergency readiness questions. Do not just be prepared, be ready for whatever crisis you may encounter.

We want you to be ready for any type of crisis or emergency that may arise. We believe readiness starts with living a lifestyle that is holistic, self-reliant, and sustainable.

Contact us at Great Living Sources to provide the answers you are seeking as you journey down the road to self-reliance and sustainability and ultimately – Readiness. Only by lessening our dependency on external resources can we truly be ready for calamity and the chaos that follows.

Want to know how we can work together, what my sustainability and survival techniques are, or what is the one item I would not live without? Send us an email or contact us and let us discuss how we can help each other as we travel toward our self-reliant and readiness goals.

Ask away, I’ll get back to you as soon as soon as possible.

You will find me writing, helping veterans live a better life post service, spending time with family, and teaching others how to live a better life. Seek incorporating  “The Core of Calm” (R) in every aspect of your life so you will be ready for any crisis you are likely to face.
Western Tennessee

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